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A bumiputera ICT specialist

Who We Are

Ultima Networks Sdn Bhd (UNSB) provides a complete package of IT services. With these services, both corporate and public sector can cover all their IT needs through a single business partner. UNSB’s comprehensive range of services allows customers to stop worrying about the complexity of their company’s IT infrastructure and focus on their core business instead.

UNSB was founded in 2009 and provides support to around a numbers of well‐known customers, private, public and education sector. Our core services ranging from software development, project management, consulting, and system integration services. UNSB employs around 25 staff members and 5 trainees.


Our Vision

In the time of information technology no company and no public authorities can renounce anymore on computer based workstations to cover the rising amounts of work. With every new communication medium the requirements to the technical equipment are rising. The complexity expands. For the protection of the herewith connected information it is vitally important to build up effective preventive measure and to keep them on the newest state of the art. Ultima Networks ® helps you to find and remove existing leaks of security and to prevent future security holes. We consult you.

Our Mission

The optimal protection, the satisfaction and the trust of our customers is the highest goal. With the motivation and the competence of our employees as well as of the quality and up-to-dateness of our telecommunication and networking solution, added with the best security products, we are always trying to keep our promise! The advantage of Ultima Networks ® is vendor independence. As service industry we are realizing security solutions always with the best components.

Our Company Values

Core Beliefs Shaping Our IT Operations

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